Chen Jen Hao

(b. 1908 - d. 1976)

Chen Jen Hao, a native of Fuzhou City, Fujian Province, and graduated from Shanghai Xin Hua Arts University. He was once served as a research fellow at Ecole nationale superieure des Beaux-arts, Paris. He was subsequently employed as lecturer at Shanghai Academy of Fine Arts, and the school principal of Chung Hwa High School in Muar and Dunman High School in Singapore. His calligraphy style embodies the scholarly characteristics. His aesthetics combines the style of the Song and Yuan Dynasties manuscripts and stone stele inscriptions. His brushstrokes were firm and upright while his style has both the qualities of delicateness and boldness.


The above article is translated from the “Pioneering Calligraphy Exhibition by First Generation Chinese Artists” Catalogue.

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