Guan Zhen Min
Guan Zhen Min
(top row, first from right)

Guan Zhen Min

(b. 1880 - d. 1964)

Guan Zhen Min was a native of Huangyan District, Zhejiang Province. Initially named Wang Tao, he was known by his courtesy name Qian Bai. In his youth, Guan was very intellectual, always eager to learn and had an extensive knowledge on history. In 1908, he graduated from the Zhejiang Normal University studying natural history. He once taught in Shanxi University, China, Henan Higher Education Normal University, Hangzhou Official Legislation Department and Zhejiang Second Normal School. He was also the principal for Yangon Overseas Chinese Secondary School  in Myammar.

In 1934, Guan came to Malaya. He served as a teacher at Chung Ling Secondary School and later became the principal of the school.

Guan Zhen Min dedicated his life to education for decades until his passing.

Guan Zhen Min is the author of Zhen An Stone and Emerald Sky Hut Poems and Essays. His calligraphy is mainly in ancient style scripts. He specialised in ancient style scripts, and expressed its unique beauty through various arrangements and compositions of characters.


Article translated from the “Pioneering Calligraphy Exhibition by First Generation Chinese Artists” Catalogue.

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