Huang Shi Qing

(b. 1890 - d. 1963)

Huang Shi Qing was a native of Puning County, Guangdong Province. He was known by his sobriquet Jiang Xia Bo Zi. He came from China after he had grown up. He was a master of poetry and calligraphy. Huang’s style was refined and unadorned for he has a reverence to the calligrapher from the Qing Dynasty, Zheng Ban Qiao. 

In 1923, Huang Shi Qing led the establishment of SJK(C) Puay Chai and became the inaugural principal of the school. In 1934, he travelled all over Malaya and Singapore to raise funds for the school.  At the same time, he initiated the formation of the Federated Teochew Associations of Malaya. In 1955, he organised a charity calligraphy exhibition for the expansion of SJK(C) Puay Chai.

Regrettably, many of Huang’s personal collections of works were lost in a fire during the 1969 turmoil. His valuable works that survived are at various locations, including the entrance plaques of Selangor Teo Chew Ba Yi Association (currently known as Selangor and KL Teo Chew Association), Dharma Realm Guan Yin Sagely Monastery in Jalan Ampang in Jalan Ampang, Ampang Kwan Yin Temple, Zhen Lu Si in Jalan Syed Putra, Kuen Cheng Girls’ School, Malayan Thung Pau Daily News, Kean Guan Tea Merchants, etc.

The above article is translated from the “Pioneering Calligraphy Exhibition by First Generation Chinese Artists” Catalogue. 

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